17 Mar 2018

Saint Patrick's Day!!

An advanced warning of Leprechaun Guinness hats being found on roof racks of cars abandoned outside pubs everywhere but more especially pubs called The Harp!! 

"May good joys be deep as the oceans
Your troubles as light as its foam
And may you find sweet peace of mind
Wherever you may roam!"

24 Feb 2018

Down on the farm Part 2.

So LAMBING......
 for a big part of the farm is all that matters for the next few weeks!!

So far we have 7 lambs but one ticked the no publicity box!!

21 Feb 2018

Down on the farm!!

Well lambing has started!! Slow and gentle to start with!

Meanwhile our pigs keep on going ......
and our Herefords have a little longer to wait!!

So if these little guys are two days old 

and these two little guys are two days old, 

does that make them twins? LOL!

"So did we get our head stuck while we were nosing at the sheep then?"

25 Jan 2018


25th January is the feast day of The Welsh 

St. Valentine, St. Dwynwen.

Llanddwyn Island just off Newborough, 

Anglesey is her island. 

21 Jan 2018


Yes, who knew? 
Today is 
National Squirrel Appreciation Day!!
No one has explained which nation though! 
Which means that if you want 
to celebrate it you may 
and equally you may choose not to!!