12 Jun 2017

and.... Sunday.

Less than a year old and one of the most luxurious  cruise ships ever built - this was Sunday's ship on the Mersey. 
Seven Seas Explorer for Regent.

10 Jun 2017

Saturday on the Mersey!!

Princess Cruises with Caribbean Princess, the largest cruise ship of the week so far was Liverpool's visitor today. She is huge in all directions

but especially her height
and made our Royal Iris ferry look tiny!

9 Jun 2017

Mersey week Day 5

Friday and it is MV Boudicca has been sailing the seven seas since 1975 and since 2005 with Fred Olsen.

Pictured here at Liverpool, on its own
and with Mersey ferry Snowdrop.

7 Jun 2017

Day 3 Mersey week!!

Today's visitor at this busy start to the Liverpool cruise terminal's 10th year
was Prinsendam of the Holland America cruise line.
Today's pics are up close and personal as they were taken from the quayside in Liverpool!

How cute they even have a cruise ship on the funnel
and have the name of the ship on the gang plank!! 

19 May 2017

Piggy Mama! What a difference a day makes!!

I don't as a rule time/date my pics but on this occasion I wish I had!
The first one showed Mum, pacing and acting uncomfortable at about 11.30am on Thursday.

The second one shows the same Mum at about 10.30am today - Friday!!

8 May 2017

Darth Vader

This Angus bully calf has been unofficially named Darth Vader by a girl from a special school this morning.

I thought that was so cute until I found out, apparently she currently has a black fish also called Darth Vader and she calls her mum's black dog Darth Vader!!

Cute yes but not exclusive!!

3 May 2017

Mayday Green Liverpool.

Location : Liverpool. Castle Street/Pier Head/Museum of Liverpool

Theme : The colour green

Top 6 out of 15 chosen by the other!! May Day Bank Holiday.

Nicki's chosen by me first........

Then mine chosen by Nicki!!