8 Dec 2017

Ship parking!!

Quiet spot!!

On board Ventura I found the most peaceful  area to be the art gallery,
complete with these canine sculptures.

So cute!! 

I am convinced they were displayed with the cruisers who were missing their little doggies in mind!!

2 Dec 2017

Mini cruise aboard P and O's Ventura to Bruges in Belgium.

So we went on an adventure!!
From Southampton to Southampton via one sea day in the English Channel, the port of Zeebrugge and the city of Bruges!! 
Unbelievably fantastic time had by all!!
I took one or two pics!!
On this occasion I thought I would do something a little different and present about 90 of those pics as a slideshow with music to you.
Life of Riley by the Lightning Seeds seemed quite relevant!!

25 Oct 2017

RIP Fats Domino 25th October 2017

Fats Domino RIP - 25th October 2017

In 2005 when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans it was thought by many that Fats Domino was a victim, so much so that his house in the Lower Ninth Ward of the city had the graffiti 
"RIP Musicman" emblazoned on it as it was flooded to the roof. 
He had originally refused to move out of his house because his wife was bed ridden. Eventually though he was rescued but lost his house and all his possessions. This is the new house that was built on the same site as the original, where he had been born in 1928.

Hard Rock Cafes around the world have all sorts of memorabilia, displayed in all sorts of different ways but Hard Rock Cafe in New Orleans has the lid of a grand piano on the wall over the stairs!!
The piano belonged to Fats Domino who signed it and donated to the Hard Rock Cafe at the time of its opening in 1987.

2 Oct 2017

MV Balmoral at Penmon.

When we first arrived at the South East tip of Anglesey - Penmon Point with it's spectacular 
lighthouse and view of Puffin Island, the heritage vessel, MV Balmoral was resting and apparently sheltering from a storm further down the Irish Sea.
* instead of heritage vessel allegedly you can use - vintage excursion ship. Launched in 1949 as an Isle of Wight ferry it is in service as a coastal day tripper and is on the register of historic ships.
Shortly after we arrived almost on cue for the awaiting photographers she sailed quite majestically, I thought, between Puffin Island and the lighthouse 
Then as a perfect fit in front of Puffin Island........ 

 Round the end of Anglesey and down the Menai Straits towards Beaumaris and Menai Bridge.
It could be said therefore that we were definitely in the right place at the right time!!
Love it when a plan comes together!!

17 Sep 2017

Craig Y Mor.........

And for nerdy watchers of the above, also featured in the programme Trearddur's launch vessel!!

15 Aug 2017

A little bit shippy!!

In a harbour far far away was a lonely German cruise ship...... her passengers and crew despatched across the whole of North Wales.
Holyhead is lonely if you are not a ferry, she thought!

Holyhead is very lonely when you are called Mein Schiff and you are in Wales!!

Little did she know that in the space of half an hour she would be joined by not one,

not two 

but three Irish Sea ferries!

This third one didn't really seem to be much of a ship at all - these ferries can be so funny!!

She is seen first with Ulysees,
then Ulysees and Stena Adventurer 

and then Ulysees, Stena Adventurer and Jonathan Swift!
She was so excited at not being on 
her own any more!!

As a postscript to this little story, I have to tell you that while I was taking the pics from a nearby beach I knew she was with the TUI group and German but I didn't know her name! So we went to the other side of the harbour towards the Breakwater country park and found her name was not a secret!!

12 Jun 2017

and.... Sunday.

Less than a year old and one of the most luxurious  cruise ships ever built - this was Sunday's ship on the Mersey. 
Seven Seas Explorer for Regent.